Top Reasons To Pimp Your Ride – Window Tinting For Winners!

Many vehicle owners are having their automobile windows tinted.


While this may seem like just an appearance enhancement, there are many practical reasons why many consumers are opting to tint their car windows.

For example, did you know that tinted window film could significantly reduce heat inside a car during the summer by up to 60 percent?

That’s because the tinted window film stops 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the car. So not only is your car protected from excess heat, but it is also protected from the light rays that cause interior damage, such as colour fading, cracking and warping on the upholstery, leather or plastic trim.

Would you believe that tinted auto glass film would protect you and your passengers if you were in an accident?

During an accident, the tint film prevents the glass from shattering and flying through the air.

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The tint film holds the broken glass in place, keeping the driver and passengers safe from glass-related injuries.

Furthermore, tinted vehicle windows help promote safe driving, reducing the glare from the sun and oncoming headlights.

This keeps the driver safer because he or she can keep his or her eyes on the road at all times without having to squint or look away due to bright glares.

Another practical reason for having your car windows tinted is increased privacy.

Tinted windows prevent criminals from seeing inside your vehicle, making it more secure and less likely to be broken into. The car is less likely to be broken into if the thief can’t see anything on the inside.


What to Do and What Not To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

It’s very hard coming across a person who has never been in a vehicle breakdown situation. Usually it happens in the places you least expect. One of the most risky places where this might occur is along a freeway.

The reason I’m writing this article is because the nightmare that is breaking down on the highway happened to me recently. Luckily I knew exactly who to call in this type of emergency – Cheap Towing Spokane. They guided my every step of the way and were at the scene in less than 30 minutes.

There were still however procedures that I took in the meantime and for those of you who are not so lucky with the speed your tow tuck recovery responds and possibly sitting on the highway now, wondering what the hell you should do (and not do) here’s a breakdown.

Here Are Some Things to Do

Move Your Vehicle to The Hard Shoulder


On noticing that there is something wrong with your vehicle safely direct it to the emergency stopping lane on the verge of the road commonly referred to as the hard shoulder.

Exit the Vehicle

Seated in a stalled vehicle adjacent to a highway with fast moving traffic is a bad idea. Exit the vehicle along with all passengers inside. Do not exit from the driver’s door but rather make your exit from the left hand-side door.

Call for Help


If you have the number of a breakdown service give them a call and describe your location to the best of your ability. Most breakdown companies give extra priority to motor breakdown due to the severe risk the motorists are exposed to. If you do not have a breakdown cover, seek the Highway Agency for assistance.

What Not To Do

· Do not attempt to make any repairs while your vehicle is stationed dangerously by the roadside.

· If your vehicle breaks down all of a sudden by the roadside do not be at haste to exit your vehicle. If your vehicle stops on the road it’s better to remain inside.


· When a breakdown situation arises do not rely solely on hazard or fog lights. During the night, or heavy fog or rain visibility might be a major problem. In such a case also leave your vehicle sidelights on.


Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer For Less This Winter

If like me you live in an old building it can be difficult to keep in the heat from the central heating during a cold winter.

Rising energy costs can mean increasing the power consumption of the HVAC by having it on for longer is often an unwanted expense.

Here are some simple ways to keep your home warm this winter for less……

Use Your Ceiling Fan’s Reverse Setting

When you switch your fans to their “winter” setting (rotating them clockwise), they will pull the warm air from the ceiling (remember, heat rises), and push it back down into the room. This is an excellent way to recycle the warm air that comes from your furnace or duct.

Keep Your Thermostat Regulated


This is a tough one for some, at first. Try to lower your “normal” temperature settings slowly. Many go with 72 degrees or more. This makes your furnace or heating system work very hard. The harder it works, the more electricity, gas, oil, etc. that it consumes. And when it consumes, it can burn a hole right in your wallet.

If you prefer 72. Try 71 for a few days. Then 70… then a little lower every few days. Most find that they fell no difference in the actual warmth in their home, yet they do notice a huge difference in their heating bills.You can also lower it a bit while you’re away at work.

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Winterize Your Home

No matter what you fix your thermostat to, if the air is allowed to go out the window literally, you’ll spend a ton of money warming your house.The key is to winterize. This means any small openings around doors, windows, chimneys, etc. Little holes, separations, cracks, or other openings can allow cold air in, and warm air out. Your heated air is lost, and you end up spending much more to get your home comfortable. There are plenty of guides on how to to this, available online.

Use Wood Fireplaces


If you can, use a wood fireplace. These are extremely energy efficient, and if placed properly, can heat nearly your entire home.

Use Energy Efficient Space HeatersThese are useful if you are in a big room (if your living room, for example, has high ceilings, and you don’t want to jack up the thermostat to keep it warm. A well-placed, small, energy efficient space heater can keep you warm at ground level).

These pair well with all types of heating system. They can also be used in rooms like bathrooms or the kitchen, set on low, to keep the pipes from freezing overnight without having to force air into these empty rooms.


Simple Tips To Increase Your Fitness Levels

Physical fitness is the primary concern for everyone. In today’s fast paced life, modern food habits are making people lazy and unfit. To stay fit and healthy, it’s important that you follow an exercise regime and adhere to certain diet plans.

You can exercise for one hour every day to maintain the fitness levels.

There are many body care centers, which offer many types of exercise such as aerobics, yoga and much more.

You should follow some simple tips and follow a daily routine to be fit and healthy.



Walking is one of the important daily activities that increases your fitness levels and keeps you healthy. Regular walking burns your excess calories each day. You can lose your weight quickly by walking; avoid other forms of conveniences like transportation, elevators, and many other things. Instead of using elevators, you can opt for stairs and reduce your weight and also increase your muscle strength.

Drink more water


Hydration is crucial for a human body. Usually, our bodies are made up of a high percentage of fluids. One should have a daily intake of fluids and foods, which contain water to keep the bodies hydrated. You should drink plain fresh water to maintain a healthy body. Water is the natural cleanser, and thus, it helps to clean your digestive system and other body organs naturally.

Healthy breakfast


Start your jolly day with a healthy breakfast. It is right for your health, and it helps you concentrate on your work and physical performance. Having a healthy breakfast can reduce the chance of acidity. Eating a healthy breakfast daily can manage stable blood sugar levels with high energy. Do not prefer junk food in breakfast as it can cause many other health problems.



Meditation can help you with physical and optimal mental fitness. You need to spend few minutes every day to meditate and reduce all your stress. You have to do it for at least twenty minutes to maintain the blood pressure. One small thing that can help you in being fit is that you should change your sitting postures once in an hour.


Early Signs Of Pregnancy?………

About half of all premenopausal women develop cramps at some point during their menstrual cycle.

For most women, the cramping causes mild to moderate abdominal pain for up to a few days each month.

However, it is estimated that up to 10% of the women who feel cramps experience severe cramps. Pain medication isn’t the only answer.

Menstrual cramps are the result of uterine spasms which occur as it is expelling the lining.


The resulting uterine tension impedes the blood flow to the uterus, which causes more cramping. There is a relationship between the level of toxicity in your body and the severity of menstrual cramping. Smoking makes the problem worse.

Chemicals in cigarette smoke constrict blood vessels including those that go to the uterus. These chemicals also add to the body’s toxic load.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Many women use pharmaceutical analgesics to relieve menstrual cramp pain. Analgesic medications can help and may be needed if the cramping is severe. However, these drugs are not free of side effects and in the long run, they can make the situation worse as they add to the toxic load of your body. There are things that one can do to relieve the problem of menstrual cramping. Some of the things that you can do include: making changes to your diet, taking the vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements and doing exercises.


What you can do for menstrual cramps

Dietary changes?

Vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient supplements?

The following nutritional supplements will assist with increasing blood flow and decrease the actual cramping. They are calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids (in evening primrose oil), edible linseed oil, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc. These can be obtained in a good multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Herbal muscle relaxants

Black cohosh, black haw, chaste berry, Dong Quai, Evening Primrose, kava, and raspberry are herbs that are used to treat menstrual cramps.

Other herbs that are also traditionally used are passionflower, yarrow, and yucca. These herbs have plenty antispasmodic compounds that relieve muscle spasms and therefore also cramping.


Many of these work whether used internally or externally. So you can use them as an herbal tea, add them to baths or both. You can also use the essential oils from some of these herbs and rub these into your abdomen.

Wild yam, blue cohosh, cramp bark, black haw, and motherwort help to relax tension in the uterus and cervix.

Garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, rosemary and ginkgo Biloba can be used as a circulatory tonic to ensure that you are getting sufficient blood flow to all areas including the pelvis.

Skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, or vervain can be used where there are general tension and stress. You can add hormonal balancing herbs such as a chaste tree or false unicorn root.

Herbal mixtures


Two herbal mixtures that will help calm menstrual cramping are as follows:

1. This liniment is applied to sooth muscle tension and relieve menstrual cramps. All of the herbal ingredients have anti-spasmodic agents.

2 parts lemongrass

2 parts lemon balm

2 parts eucalyptus

2 parts lemon thyme

1 part oregano

1 part rosemary

1 part thyme

Olive oil or unscented massage oil


In an appropriately sized bowl combine the herbs and sufficient oil to cover them. Allow this to stand overnight. The next day strains out the herbs.

Massage the oil onto your abdomen and any other areas of muscle tension. You can use the oil at room temperature or slightly warmed if you wish.