What to Do and What Not To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

It’s very hard coming across a person who has never been in a vehicle breakdown situation. Usually it happens in the places you least expect. One of the most risky places where this might occur is along a freeway.

The reason I’m writing this article is because the nightmare that is breaking down on the highway happened to me recently. Luckily I knew exactly who to call in this type of emergency – Cheap Towing Spokane. They guided my every step of the way and were at the scene in less than 30 minutes.

There were still however procedures that I took in the meantime and for those of you who are not so lucky with the speed your tow tuck recovery responds and possibly sitting on the highway now, wondering what the hell you should do (and not do) here’s a breakdown.

Here Are Some Things to Do

Move Your Vehicle to The Hard Shoulder


On noticing that there is something wrong with your vehicle safely direct it to the emergency stopping lane on the verge of the road commonly referred to as the hard shoulder.

Exit the Vehicle

Seated in a stalled vehicle adjacent to a highway with fast moving traffic is a bad idea. Exit the vehicle along with all passengers inside. Do not exit from the driver’s door but rather make your exit from the left hand-side door.

Call for Help


If you have the number of a breakdown service give them a call and describe your location to the best of your ability. Most breakdown companies give extra priority to motor breakdown due to the severe risk the motorists are exposed to. If you do not have a breakdown cover, seek the Highway Agency for assistance.

What Not To Do

· Do not attempt to make any repairs while your vehicle is stationed dangerously by the roadside.

· If your vehicle breaks down all of a sudden by the roadside do not be at haste to exit your vehicle. If your vehicle stops on the road it’s better to remain inside.


· When a breakdown situation arises do not rely solely on hazard or fog lights. During the night, or heavy fog or rain visibility might be a major problem. In such a case also leave your vehicle sidelights on.

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