Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer For Less This Winter

If like me you live in an old building it can be difficult to keep in the heat from the central heating during a cold winter.

Rising energy costs can mean increasing the power consumption of the HVAC by having it on for longer is often an unwanted expense.

Here are some simple ways to keep your home warm this winter for less……

Use Your Ceiling Fan’s Reverse Setting

When you switch your fans to their “winter” setting (rotating them clockwise), they will pull the warm air from the ceiling (remember, heat rises), and push it back down into the room. This is an excellent way to recycle the warm air that comes from your furnace or duct.

Keep Your Thermostat Regulated


This is a tough one for some, at first. Try to lower your “normal” temperature settings slowly. Many go with 72 degrees or more. This makes your furnace or heating system work very hard. The harder it works, the more electricity, gas, oil, etc. that it consumes. And when it consumes, it can burn a hole right in your wallet.

If you prefer 72. Try 71 for a few days. Then 70… then a little lower every few days. Most find that they fell no difference in the actual warmth in their home, yet they do notice a huge difference in their heating bills.You can also lower it a bit while you’re away at work.

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Winterize Your Home

No matter what you fix your thermostat to, if the air is allowed to go out the window literally, you’ll spend a ton of money warming your house.The key is to winterize. This means any small openings around doors, windows, chimneys, etc. Little holes, separations, cracks, or other openings can allow cold air in, and warm air out. Your heated air is lost, and you end up spending much more to get your home comfortable. There are plenty of guides on how to to this, available online.

Use Wood Fireplaces


If you can, use a wood fireplace. These are extremely energy efficient, and if placed properly, can heat nearly your entire home.

Use Energy Efficient Space HeatersThese are useful if you are in a big room (if your living room, for example, has high ceilings, and you don’t want to jack up the thermostat to keep it warm. A well-placed, small, energy efficient space heater can keep you warm at ground level).

These pair well with all types of heating system. They can also be used in rooms like bathrooms or the kitchen, set on low, to keep the pipes from freezing overnight without having to force air into these empty rooms.